A new building for Little Stars School

517 children currently attend school in the Little Stars School building, which is a three storey building of 12 classrooms. This means that classes are held literally everywhere: in hallways, on the rooftop and even in the small garden outside.
Preparations for a new school building are underway, thanks to generous funding primarily from Holland, Italy and the US. Pierre Satjin is a volunteer from Holland; a retired teacher who has committed himself to spending six months of each year in India for the next five years, to complete the new building project. He provided me with this breakdown:
We will build in stages. At first we will make the concrete structure (pillars, rough floors and outer walls) of the total building: basement, ground floor and first and second floor. The architect recently made this calculation:
1.Lower basement & columns 1086795.00 INR
2.Ground Floor  643250.00 INR
3.First and second floor 1540050.00 INR
Total 3270095.00 INR
3270095.00 INR is about 55.000,00 Euro
This is the breakdown for the costs of the building itself. More money will be required for furnishings such as desks, blackboards and chairs, as well as for playground equipment and trees for the front of the building.
The plot of land has been purchased and prepared, and it’s just down the lane from the current Little Stars schoolbuilding. For the duration of the construction work, having a water source on the site is very important!

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