in contrast to Dharavi

At 10:52AM on a day in August, I am at Kamalistan studio in Jogeshwari east. My hair is curled, lips are lined. I’m lying on bench in a trailer, wearing a purple top and shorts. Not wearing purple heels with satin bows, because I’m waiting for someone to call me from the trailer to the set. I’ll dance for a few scenes: several hours of lying around, for several minutes of actual shooting, for several thousand rupees, and then be on my way.

After this shoot, I’m going to an audition in Andheri west for (I think) a Hindi-speaking minor role in an upcoming movie with Hrithik Roshan. To be shot in Rajasthan. Yesterday I did a french-speaking audition for a French mini-series set in 17th century India. 8 episodes to be shot in Kerala. Unfortunately auditions don’t usually translate into parts…

Tonight I think I’m doing an event with another coordinator, Sameer: some welcoming at some hotel, in Thane. Not confirmed.

Last night I hostessed a party at a hotel in Powai, what a hilarious event. A rain dance with sprinklers and a swimming pool. White tents covered low couches and tables for hookah. The guests were all teens, the youngest looking to be about 15, and the oldest 20. The rickshaw dropped me outside the hotel lobby, where I met Ukrainian dancer Liza and Indian coordinator Raj. Raj gave us our outfits: black skirts and beaded tops, to compliment our matching fair skin and light eyes. We changed in a beautiful, shining bathroom while the music from outside pounded at the door. Standing outside at the open bar (for teens!) the party organiser saw us and didn’t approve. So we changed back into our jeans and tshirts to stand behind the bar while Bombay teen queens romped poolside in bikinis and dangly earrings, as though they were in a music video. They and I both can hardly believe life in Bombay.


One response to “in contrast to Dharavi

  • Chan

    Super interesting life you are leading here. Much impressed, like I said the first time. Too bad our paths don’t cross. Mais c’est la vie.

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