My name is Bronwyn. I’m from Cambie area, Vancouver, Canada, and live in Bandra west, Mumbai, India.

I feel like I’ve been blessed with every opportunity, and more so with the initiative and and stubbornness to pursue them.Almost to a fault, I only do what I want to do! This has led me from volunteerism and leadership in Vancouver and Toronto to circus arts school in Montreal and Quebec city, and finally to the most recent of five long stays in different parts of India.

From eating vegetables and quinoa in Montreal, to subsisting on six rupee vadapavs and South Indian filter coffee in Mumbai. From winters at -30 degrees in Quebec city, to summers at 47 degrees in Varanasi. From living alone in Canada, to living with seven other girls in a two bedroom apartment in India. From running on beaches in Costa Rica and Panama to in the snow in Toronto and New York. Lately, from the biggest slum in Asia to the most expensive five star hotels, in the same day. From sitting in cafes in every place that I go, wondering about life and listening to others’ stories… to sitting in cafes in Mumbai, wondering about life and listening to others’ stories.
I would like to experience as much as I can.

In Mumbai, I write generally about what I observe rather than my own experiences. My story is a detail, while this city is enormous and wild and offers as much as you could take. How many million thoughts, text messages, cups of tea and different conversations between people happen here every day? That said, the smallest details speak the most. As much as every person’s experience is small and insignificant, it is also a precious story that is their own. This is mine, and I would like to hear yours.


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  • Kunwar

    Hi Bronwyn,

    This is Kunwar – i was trying to get in touch with you on your cell – but the sms’s kept getting bounced back on (8097043693) ;-(

    How are you? How was your trip to Canada – as i remember you were really sick before going back there.


  • Mariellen Ward

    Hi Bronwyn,

    I just came across your blog and I am reading with fascination. I am also Canadian, though from Toronto; and I have lived part of the last five years in Delhi. Spent about a week in Bandra last February, though.

    I write an India travel blog, please visit. Breathedreamgo.com.

    My blogging has morphed over the years I have been going to India. Started very personal and now has become a bit more of a guide. But I am enjoying your very personal posts, and also your willingness to dive in and engage with local people. Not all foreigners are willing to do that.

    Take care,


  • bronwyngrace

    Hello Mariellen!
    I’m so glad to hear from you. I’m glad that you’re enjoying my writing, and really hope that you continue to read.
    Five years in Delhi must be a myriad of experiences! I will find out on your blog.
    How did you like Bandra? I love it here.
    Thank you again for writing me, and hope to connect soon!

  • Kiva

    Hi Bronwyn,

    After reading a nice article of yours at Big World, I followed the link here. It seems this is where Canadians in India meet up! I’d been living on Salt Spring before coming to India. I blog about my time here on The Mindful Word (http://www.themindfulword.org).

    I really like your writing; it’s just the kind of material we like to publish. So if you have anything you’d like to submit send it over to contact@themindfulword.org.

    a bow,


    • bronwyngrace

      Hello Kiva,

      I very sincerely apologise for such a late reply. I hardly visit this blog at all any more, which is why I just noticed your comment. I will email you at the Mindful World: I’d love to contribute.

      thank you for visiting.

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